2010 Texas Chess Team

2010 Texas Chess Team
World and Red River Champions

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Texas Chess Posse Heading for Stillwater

Stillwater, OK – July 21, 2010 (CRN) - The Texas Precision Chess Squad (TPCS), an elite posse consisting of the most serious chess players on the World and Red River Champion Texas Chess Team, travels to Stillwater this weekend to play in the 65th Oklahoma Open, a FIDE championship event named in honor of former USCF President Jerry Spann (deceased). “We don’t have much of a budget since the annual entrance fee for the Red River Shootout is only five bucks.” said Tom Crane, Texas Chess Team Chief Executive Officer. “So, we’re only sending our most serious players.”

The annual Jerry Spann Memorial, sponsored by Oklahoma’s premier chess organization, the Oklahoma Chess Foundation (OCF), is a five round championship over two days. International time controls, to meet FIDE rating requirements, are required so players can earn international rankings. “Although everyone knows Texas is the chess capital of North America,” boasts Rob Jones, Texas Chess Team Captain, “no place does international chess better than Stillwater. We’re very pleased our players have an opportunity to face Oklahoma’s most serious and internationally ranked chess players.”

Frank Berry, International Arbiter and Oklahoma Chess Team Captain, is Chief Director. “It’s always exciting when we play the ‘Texicans’, especially when they’ve been so lucky the last couple of years.” Mr. Berry, of course, was referring to the Real Red River Shootout, the annual team match between the most fanatical chess players in Oklahoma and Texas. Texas leads the series 6-2 despite playing on the road seven times.

TPCS members will be available for autographs and media interviews between rounds. By special arrangement, the Famous Traveling Trophy, the Real Red River Shootout’s official icon, will be on display. OCF organizers have hired the Pinkerton Detective agency to provide security for trophy as well as visiting Texas dignitaries.

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